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Solar Screens

Temperatures are on the rise and that means cooling costs are, too. With a little help from 1 King Companies ,homeowners can soften the blow of those energy bills each month.

“You shouldn’t have to choose between being comfortable and saving money,” said Stephen Sweet, owner of 1 King Companies. “You can knock down those cooling bills with the addition of custom solar screens.” Sweet said that windows are a major culprit in the local area when it comes to driving up cooling costs. Many homes have single pane aluminum or wood windows that offer little to no insulation value.1 King Companies and Door can replace those windows with the latest insulated models, but replacing windows might be out of some homeowners’ budgets. If that’s the case, Sweet recommends solar screens on at least the home’s west-facing windows.

“We install 90 percent screens,” Sweet said. “These screens will reduce the heat gain through a window by 90 percent. That’s going to keep the room cooler and put less demand on the cooling system.”

Many people with blinds or curtains may think they are already getting that protection because those items block the light. That’s not the case.

“Blinds and curtains can’t stop the heat gain because they are already inside the house,” Sweet said. “Sure, the blinds block the lights, but they also hold the heat. That means on a hot day you basically have a 115 degree plate sitting in your room.”

Solar screens stop the heat before it gets to the window, making the area around the window much cooler. At an affordable cost per window, solar screens are a great low-cost option for lowering your utility bill. Call (979) 985-1306 or visit www.kingwindoor.com for more information on 1 King Companies’s services or to set up a free estimate.