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Fire Door Installation in Bryan-College Station, Austin and Georgetown

Among its various commercial service door options, 1 King Companies fire doors provide Bryan-College Station, Austin and Georgetown business and industrial organizations with fire entryway protection systems, adapted and installed according to each specific purpose that includes:

  • Service fire doors
  • Insulated fire doors
  • Counter overhead doors
  • Smoke control door systems
  • Counter fire shutters
  • Rolling grilles and other fire door assemblies

Fire doors provide access control and inhibit smoke infiltration in specific areas and are suitable for mounting and installation on brick, concrete and masonry units. Wood and metal stud walls may not be suitable for fire door installation – Contact a 1 King Companies fire door protection specialist for further information to learn more about possible modifications that can protect your commercial location from fire hazards.

Equipped with standard and optional features 1 King Companies fire doors include:

  • Automatic closing adjustable controls
  • Smoke and UL perimeter seals
  • Sensor edging
  • Sill and ventilation sealing
  • Fully automatic reset
  • Built-in battery for dependable activation
  • Advanced design ensures durability and no-fail closure
  • Many custom or stainless steel finishes available
  • Test - key switch

A leader in fire door technology, 1 King Companies doors provide any Bryan-College Station, Austin and Georgetown property and its occupants with the utmost in fire protection and operate with dependable automatic closing mechanisms. Durable and easy to maintain, the installation of fire doors in combination with updated fire alarm and detection systems ensure optimal protection and peace of mind for Bryan-College Station, Austin and Georgetown commercial locations.

Call for more tips on how to safeguard your location from potential fire hazards with reliable 1 King Companies fire door systems.